108th Illinois Infantry Field Hospital

The 108th was organized at Peoria, Illinois and mustered into service on August 28, 1862.

On November 14-19, 1862 they marched to Louisville, Kentucky and from November 21-26, proceeded to Memphis, Tennessee. The 108th stayed in Memphis until December 20. Afterwards, from December 20, 1862 until January 2, 1863 the 108th was with Sherman’s Yazoo Expedition.


The 108th fought in the battles Chickasaw Bayou and Chickasaw Bluff in December, 1862, and headed to Arkansas Post, Arkansas January 3-10, 1863. On January 10-11, 1863, they managed the assault and capture of Fort Hindman, Arkansas and continued their move to Young’s Point, Louisiana during the time of January 17- 24, 1863. The 108th stayed on duty until March 10, 1863 and resided at Milliken’s Bend, Louisiana until April 25, 1863. From there, they moved to Bruinsburg and Grand Gulf, Louisiana, where they stayed during April 25-30. The Battles of Port Gibson, Mississippi were fought on May 1, 1863 and Champion’s Hill on May 16, 1863. The 108th were detached to guard prisoners from Big Black River to Memphis, Tennessee from May 16-30. They moved on to Young’s Point, Louisiana during the siege of Vicksburg until July 18, before moving to Vicksburg July 18, 1863. They moved back to Memphis, Tennessee from July 26-29.


Above: Ron Kirchgessner with the 17th Corp Hospital

By August 5, 1863, they moved to LaGrange, Tennessee, where they stayed until October 28, 1863. From October 29 thru November 9, the 108th traveled to Pocahontas where they resided from November 10, 1863 thru January 25, 1864. Once again, they returned to Memphis, Tennessee January 26, 1864. Sturgis’ Expedition to Guntown, Mississippi took place from June 1-13,1864. They headed to Brice’s Creek, near Guntown June 10, and Ripley June 11. The Repulse of Forest’s attack took place in Memphis on August 21, 1864. The 108th moved to New Orleans, Louisiana then to Dauphin Island, Alabama from February 28 through March 16. Operations against Mobile and its defenses took place during the days of March 16-April 12. The Siege of Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely were fought from March 26 thru April 8., followed by the assault and capture of Fort Blakely on April 9. After the Occupation of Mobile on April 12, they marched to Montgomery from April 13-25, where they stayed thru July 18. The 108th moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi from July18-August 5 and eventually mustered out of service August 5, 1865.


The regiment lost, during the service of their duty, one officer and a total of eight that were enlisted were killed and mortally wounded. Three officers and 202 enlisted men died by disease. Altogether, there were a total of 214 casualties. The images to the right and above show a few of the members who currently portray the 108th Illinois Infantry Field Hospital.